Buzzworthy Artists: Docdeezz

After two fantastic CD classics “Who is Docdeezz Vol 1” and “Memoirs of a Gangsta” let’s not forget running a 5 year Cable Network Show “In Chicago’” he’s straight off the streets of Chicago now working it in Las Vegas, is Sim Runles artistically known as C-Dash aka Docdeezz with His new highly anticipated CD “Who is Docdeezz Vol 2”.

Though Docdeezz has not been in the Spotlight for over a year, Docdeezz has been very busy in his time away from the mic. He has relocated his label: That’s My Dogg Ent from Chicago To Las Vegas, wrote two new albums including a movie entitled “The Trap” and been in three new movies coming out later this year. Let’s not forget he had three soundtracks on “Of Boys to Men” either.
In celebration this new mix CD comes with all the bells and whistles your use to with Docdeezz! The hard hitting punchlines the raspy edgy voice and the truth smacked in with a side of take that!! We must not forget that you also get the sensitive father figure you’ve always known and loved.

Docdeezz has expanded his horizons, building up his fan base. He’s also built up and changed a few of his views on life!! The new Docdeezz is still Chicago: raw with a West Coast twist. He has a few new friends on this one and they all have the same passion bite and Bark that is always expected from That’s My Dogg Ent. This is a fresh start for Docdeezz and a fresh start for anyone who doesn’t know who this legend is be the first to copy 2017 mix cd of the year “Who is Docdeezz Vol 2” and be on the lookout for his new movie ”The Trap”

The address is still the same: Twitter @docdeezz, and

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