BuzzWorthy Artist: Keldamuzik

Okay, so first question, the one that has to be asked. Where did all this talent come from? You do so much! Your family, are they multi-talented as well? Please share! –Lol yes everyone is curious! 🙂 My talent comes from my family actually; my grandfather was an independent popular musician years ago here in Northern California. He always encouraged me to live out my dream as an entertainer. I started as a child actor, auditioning for commercials and taking acting classes then as I got older I started recording music, then that lead to me creating a TV show.

So, define Keldamuzik’s sound……… YASS! Keldamuzik’s sound is an authentic taste of what real music is suppose to sound like. I make music for literally EVERYONE, your grandmother who likes something laid back and jazzy and even for your kid sister that likes to dance in the mirror in her bedroom lol. I go for the commercial sound but I talk about what we all go through on a daily basis along with fun club tracks and radio friendly songs that you cannot deny. Overall my hooks are catchy and lyrics are easy to sing or rap along to, I want people to enjoy music and not find it complicated or too cheesy.

You’ve been fortunate to see what it takes to tour overseas doing your music. How was that for you? What wisdom did you gain from it? Touring overseas was #AWESOME! Let me tell you, the fans didn’t even really know who I was but they were so happy to see a talented artist come out there and entertain them. Performing in Tokyo was crazy, I couldn’t believe it when my hype man introduced me then I came out and everyone started screaming. Afterwards I came on the floor and hugged everyone and started passing out CD’s. We traveled two a few different islands out there and when I was in the Caribbean we traveled to different venues, radio stations and TV stations, I gained a lot of experience by knowing this stuff is not easy and the artist really has to be ready and not rely on anyone else but themselves.

“Diva Talk Tonite” what was the concept behind the show? It’s an entertainment variety talk show, so I interview guests of all backgrounds and we also include comedy in between similar to Saturday Night Live. It’s so much fun on set; it’s always like a party behind the scenes because everyone is socializing, networking and excited to be on set.

So what can we except from Diva Talk Tonite next season? More exciting guests for sure! We are always casting and looking for something or someone entertaining, recently we had a hypnotist on the set that hypnotized like 4 people on the set, it was amazing! We also want to incorporate more comedy skits that actually tell stories to make it even funnier. Just keep watching!

You are so involved with various areas of this industry, from music, to television to modeling. Which one do you feel most “at home” doing? To be honest, ALL of them. Every time I’m on stage or in the studio I feel like I’m in my bedroom. Every time I’m hosting my talk show or acting in films I’m just myself, same with modeling. This is my destiny and I should be doing whether I become rich and famous or not.

It’s says a lot that you give back to the community, via “The Diva Outreach” and “The Cultural Exchange Tour” In your own words, why do you see its importance to do so? – Yes well it’s more like an edutainment thing, I entertain and educate the community and the youth at the same time. I also participate in any activities that involving helping community causes. The Diva Outreach was started by me last year where I felt like I can become a public speaker and discuss social issues with young women and help them understand what they are facing in society today. I recently did the “Keldamuzik Speaks” campaign, which was a pictorial that includes photos of me as a victim of domestic violence. We promoted to various blog sites, the turnout was very successful and we made sure to schedule the campaign around October which is Domestic Violence awareness month.

You are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the industry. What’s next? Definitely will be producing more films, my last film “Love the Original Way” made it to the Black Hollywood Film Festival at Raleigh Studios, so next I have another film “Gas Light” that I will be seriously concentrated on.

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