Musiek International: The Collaboration Begins!

By Luc Lang

Two years ago Luke aka Luc Lang had a wild thought as he was on his way back to California after a brief three month stay in S. Africa, the thought was this: “Wouldn’t it be dope to put a song together in honor of Baba Mthethwa (a family member on his wife’s side) for a catchy slogan he came up with to describe the South African soccer league?” The saying being referred to is: “Bafana Bana Man”. See, whenever Baba would stop by the house, there in Vanderbijlpark South Africa, while on his way to announce the games, he would be greeted by many in the family with the catchy phrase! Because of this, it also rubbed off on Luc, who happens to be a music maker, (Baba didn’t know what he was in for!)Luc’s plan, was to design a collaboration record. A record that would honor this catchy phrase, “Bafana Bana Man”, but more so, be able to build a bridge between American Hip Hop artists and those in South Africa.

   The flight home was spent in wonder of what could take place if the project was successful. After arriving back in California, Luc went to visit with a friend and fellow music maker, producer Mr. Sef aka Sef the Ghost. Luc relayed his desire to put something together with Sef and the collaboration was born. Luc then reached out to a fellow artist Allendale Chizle for a place to stay while in the Bay Area. Chizle agreed graciously and welcomed Luc into his residence. Upon hearing about the desire to put together the collaboration record, Chizle facilitated an introduction to artists, Nio tha Gift aka NTG and Young Ziggy. Both agreed to the collaboration and were hopeful of the possibilities.

    Meanwhile, out in South Africa, Sboniso Ngubane aka Mic G, Sim Li, aka Trouble Sim and Siyanda Khoza aka BB Stylez, were busy putting their verses together for the soon to be international release.  Little did they know what was about to happen. Luc’s background in business and entrepreneurial mind-set would be utilized in many ways during the next two years, as he found himself flying back and forth from South Africa to California a total of three times. During this time all six artists had progressed in their own respective careers significantly! 

    An introduction to two key individuals would also take place. One meeting facilitated by Mic G and Prospect, who Luc stayed with while in Johannesburg, was with Late Night Music’s Thato aka Tipsy T. Tipsy agreed to help engineer and mix the record for Luc and crew, which ended up randomly including a sample from Luc’s two year old son (at the time) Bophelo Lang! Another important player, Sheni Olora aka Shako Shake also in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay area, became involved in the final mixing and mastering of the “Bafana Bana Man” release.

    Word on the street is, Luc has secured publicists in both S. Africa & California for the occasion: In South Africa a miss Nonhlanhla Mashaba aka Humble Diva, who has quite an agenda laid out for the project and has been instrumental in arranging a hefty campaign to assure the success of the record, including television and radio. To compliment Nonhlanhla’s efforts in the motherland, the  powerhouse promo queen and OWN’s Ambassador herself, Miss Nikki Rich of the Nikki Rich Network in Los Angeles, with an organic global audience in the millions. 

    “Bafana Bana Man” is currently available on all major retailers worldwide including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Rhapsody and more. We invite you to become part of the wave and stay connected to Luc and friends as they leave a trail of blessings to the next big move being made!

BB Stylez
Sim Li
Nio Tha Gift
Young Ziggy
Allendale Chizle
Mr. Sef (Producer)

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