Musiek International: Amelia Hope

Hailing from London, Amelia Hope is an experienced vocal performer, private vocal coach and songwriter. She is known for her jazz, soul, funk and blues abilities, combining big band elements with ear-friendly melodies. Her history shows that she has also written the top line of a number of electronic tunes as part of collaboration projects with various producers; three of which were signed and published by I.M. Red Trance Digital in Germany, Unearthed Records in the UK and Milk Records in Italy.

 Amelia is managed by Alive Network, UK and can be frequently seen performing all around the UK for various functions, events and jamming nights. Writing songs with jazz chords in mind, on which she could lay her soulful colours, she aims to keep her audience happy by delivering catchy tunes. This will be reflected in “ComplexCity”; her upcoming soul album as part of a duo collaboration project with Dave Browning, called “Duology”.

“Love From Your Enemy” “Story of my Life” and “Perplex City” definitely shows the versatility and soulful range of this artist

In 2015, Amelia obtained a Diploma in Songwriting from BIMM London, accredited by the University of West London.

In October 2016, Amelia Hope and guitarist, Yur Yesli, were added to the Alive Network development and are now being managed by Alive Network Entertainment Agency in the UK, under the duo name “Plus One”. Their act is available for live bookings through the agency and delivers a mixture of popular jazz and contemporary tunes with an elegant twist to suit everyone’s taste.


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