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Golden Boys is a DJ crew currently consisting of 3 young DJs, Oscar “Mbo” Ndlovu, Ezra “Little Napoleon” Mlotshwa and Daluxolo “Luu” Sithole. These twenty-something year olds from eMalahleni in Mpumalanga (MP) command a sizable following in the South African house music scene, which has made us take note of this growing brand.

According to Oscar Mbo, GB was started by young people around MP who had the passion for music. From the small mining town of Kriel, a group of these music lovers banded together to host street parties to raise funds for the building of their empire.

“Our first event was doing a car wash, selling food / refreshments and playing sound for all the people who came through” recalls Oscar. From this group, Oscar carried on with the vision when he went to study in Pretoria. “That’s when I got to met DJ Luu & Ezra” Oscar says.

At that time, Luu was just a collector making random mixtapes just for the love of compiling good music.

“I initially to Dj and oddly enough me and Ezra were taught by the same guy. I knew Ezra and met Oscar through him only to find that we share a common goal in this music thing.” Recalls Luu.


Working as a unit was the first objective for Golden Boys. Oscar reckons “Having DJ’s who have similar goals and vision, under one umbrella, enables us to be a force to be reckoned with.” They look up to stables like House Afrika with their business model of several DJ’s under one umbrella. Over the years, GB has had different faces. Group dynamics are a challenge. How has that affected their perception and progress in the industry? The progress has been good for the brand, “everyone we’ve worked with has added value. We are doing well” declares Ezra. They look at GB as the breeding ground for DJs, so it is expected that the face of GB will change from time to time.

 Golden Boys has a monthly podcast titled; The Ashmed Hour. It’s a monthly Podcast that releases five mixes, three from GB & two mixes from guest DJ’s covering muic genres such as Neo-Soul, Trip-Hop, Lounge, Breaks & House Music. The show is ranked on the top 5 of the most downloaded shows on the Deep House charts of Podomatic, averaging 16 000 – 20 000 downloads per show. Luu credits their drive for excellence as the key to the success of this podcast. Check it out on www.goldenboys.podomatic.

As a DJ, traveling is part of the calling. There are those venues and occasions that are memorable. For Oscar, Total Bliss Lounge in Witbank used to be (before it got shut down) the best venue for a GB event because it complimented the sound they play. for Ezra and Luu, the  event that stands out the most would be Gumba Fire (in Venda, Limpopo province which is said to be the biggest deep house event in SA). The group played at the 15th annual edition. Ezra says “I’ve never seen so many people gathered up to listen to the sound we play.”

What does each one of them bring to GB? “We all bring versatility to GB, I personally dig lounge music, slow jams, nu-jazz and soul. Solid vocals from the heart. I’m also the chilled one that tries to calm down any intense situation we find ourselves in.” Responds Luu.

Ezra is a Hardcore Soulful individual that’s not a only limited to House Music; Jazz, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Jazz – Hop and Soul are some of the sounds he is known for. He says “I am an emotional guy, musically. Everything has to touch my inner part.”

Oscar is mostly into Deep House & Soulful House, followed by Lounge & Neo-Soul. He also plays the role of leader into the GB stable.


“We believe strongly in accompanying our music taste with an appealing dress code. This not only sets us apart from the crowd but also shows off our good taste in clothing. It’s been said that looking good is a form of good manners so it’s only appropriate that we behave 😊” Luu says.

Over the years, GB has worked together with local up-coming designers, photographers, DJs, graphic designers, promoters and club owners etc to carve out their unique image and spread this gospel throughout SA. Names like House 22, , The Calabash Lounge, VIP Lounge etc, are some of the venues that stand out for them. DJ Malankane, Avant Garde Vintage Lounge, Fistaz and Julian Gomez are few of the many DJs they’ve worked with. For their look, Tag INN and Kasi Lifestyle have have made sure they look well mannered. The next venture for GB is in the themed-party scene where DJs take control of their craft by organizing their own events and not wait to be booked by promoters. Podcasting has paved the way for compilation albums which are basically lectures that DJs offer to their audience, stamped with the individual DJ’s signature taste. Clearly, these are trendsetters with very loyal following and influence. Their drive has endeared them not only to the audience, but to  fellow DJs as well. Coming from little towns away from the lively city party scene only increases our admiration for the strides that Golden Boys have made. Keep an eye on this space and remember where you met them.


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