Who is Kareesh Forreal?

So tell us…who is Kareesh Forreal? In your own words. A multifaceted entertainer & business woman. I am down to earth and caring individual who has been through so much & captivate each experience and tell the story through my music or whatever I can use to connect with my fans. I love sports, to travel, & take advantage of any opportunity to be a positive impact. I love all forms of art. I love to learn new things.

Well we know that you are a competitor, with a long standing history in Track and Field, has that drive, that desire to win, carried over into your work as an artist? Yes, it has. It is symbolic to me… discipline, drive, to be dogmatic, aware of the competition, yet be the best ME, IN MY OWN LANE. Consistency will allow me to cross the finish line and be at the top with a medal. Along the way, I continue to gain fans, momentum and victory.  I’m always prepared no matter what the obstacles of the unknown may be.

We had the opportunity to hear some of your work, such as Naked Kisses, Ain’t Built for You, and of course Life of the Party, which is banging! Seems to have that club hit mixed with anthem type vibe…. You gotta tell us what the inspiration behind it was! THANK YOU! I wanted to make my own sound. It’s an infusion of me, my experiences…something for everything. I’m an international artist and I fell in love with the elements of old school hip-hop, studying, working, and/or meetings with pioneers of the industry.  I also wanted to have a lighter note of having a good time vs the music glorifying death, sex, & drugs.

Who is working with you on these tracks? Tell us your dream team!  I’m also a writer, so you get that. I’ve collaborated with Maximus of Maximus Studios (Life of the Party). We co-wrote that song. The production process of the track was monumental, as we sat there together creating the elements of my homage to old school hip-hop/international & LA flair/Pop. I’m now experimenting with the production process, learning from Grammy nominated producer, QZ Da Musiqman. He’s worked with various artists such as Calvin Richardson, Fantasia, to name a few. Other producers, Joe Breezie, Leomonza Production, have also contributed to my project, so I’m grateful to express my own sound and vision, bringing it to life. All tracks are customized for KAREESH. So between orchestrating myself or with the help of Kevin Fox, and my manager, Sammle McCall, I’ve been fortunate.  I am very hands on, in a positive way, with my project to ensure my vision is executed. I have some other things in the works with notable music industry individuals that are very promising.

What is your perception of the industry today?  I feel that it has definitely commercialized the music,  yet stripping the essential essence of music.

Musician, VJ , Spokesperson, Model, what else can Kareesh do? I mean, what else is in store for you in this industry sis?  LOL. I am a writer (plays/music/poetry), I am an actress also, and an artist (sketching painting,etc.)  I put my all into what I am interested in and fully go into research, studying, and hands on to see if this is something that I like and voila!    In this industry, you will see me as an actress, and also behind the scenes in production (music, live shows,) and a few Kareesh products.  Some call me the female version of Jamie Foxx…LOL   you are witnessing a mogul in the making.  I’m also hosting one of my projects, Music Is My Sweetheart (c) talent competition. For all ages, uniting and healing through music.

Parting words for our readers, pearls of wisdom that you could drop to those that are working hard to get to your level? I would like to take this time to thank all of my team and inner circle.  I would say that a person who feels that they can do it all without the help of others is insane, you won’t win.  You will need a team that really is there for you, believe and respect you and your vision.  A lot of people have dreams. This journey takes a lot of time, sacrifice, true investment (includes monetary) and it’s not overnight success.  Overnight success in industry terms is a minimum of 7-10 years of dedicated and proven work.  To be successful in obtaining your dream, consistency is the key to reaching that.  Don’t be discouraged, be true with yourself. If something is not working, find ways to make it better or a derivative of that.  And most of all, stay grounded and focused and balance, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Kareesh Forreal

E.A. of Certified Entertainment

VP of Certified Media Group


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